Resistance – I get a lot of this as an industry consultant but when it comes to convincing a contractor client of the importance of training, resistance is something I can bank on.

I listen politely as they recount a bad experience or two they have had because they invested in someone who then left the company and went work for someone else – usually a competitor. After a few minutes of this, I interrupt them and address the elephant in the room: “So, what you’re asking yourself is, ‘What if I train them and they leave?’”


My reply, the only one that makes any sense, is, “What if you don’t train them and they stay?”

The next thing I typically hear from the owner is, “Darn it. I know you’re right and I hate it.”

With it being out there, we can get down to the not-optional business of becoming great trainers. This results in building a culture at your company where everyone is getting better and because everyone is always in some form of training for as long as they’re on your team. The mantra at your company should be “Our obligation is to get them good, or get them gone. Either way, the company and our customers are better served.”

So, what kind of training do you get?

Ready for more consultant-speak?

“It depends.”

  1. The reason it depends is based on the following:Do you have a well-structured Organizational Chart?
  2. Do you have well-written policies and procedures for each box on that Org. Chart so the person being trained knows objectively what they need to master to own their box today?
  3. Do you have the necessary training in place required for them to move from the box they’re successfully occupying today to the next box higher on your Org. Chart?
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