Learn how to run your business with less stress and more success

As a former contractor operating in a family business I know what your life is like.

We finally determined how to take full control of our business and once those secrets were uncovered I’ve been helping other trades & service based businesses become better at running their business by mastering the most important things.

We all tend to think there is are million things to do as contractors but there’s really only 7 key areas: Planning power, Operating power, Staffing power, Sales power, Sales Coaching, Financial and Marketing

You probably expect me to tell you that you have to be a 10 out of 10 but that’s not necessarily the case,only you cant be a 0.

You have to be able to learn these things, and I have a cheat sheet you can download right here. You can start to make a difference in your business – welcome to the family!

Struggling to find and keep good people? Employees constantly holding you hostage in your business?

Is your company struggling to find and keep good people? Do you always feel like your employees are constantly holding you hostage in your business?

Accelerated Consulting Group implements an entire system that is structured to make your day-to-day operations much easier. We teach you to be so good at recruiting, hiring, orienting, training and retaining your employees that you can work yourself out of your 8-5 “job” & manage the company exactly how an owner should, which ultimately increases your profits with a much less hands on effort on your part.

Customized operation manuals are a great section of what Accelerated Consulting Group can do for you, so your employees can do what’s in the book and you’re off the hook. They are 5 times more effective and efficient, and better yet, the manual holds them accountable.

2018 could turn out to be the best financial year of your life

And you’re calling YOUR own shots in life!

How soon do you want to make that happen?

I’m Garold Gipman, founder and CEO of Accelerated Consulting Group. I’ve implemented a very successful method of running a company, ensuring employees are the best they can be the proper way & really creating more success and less stress and I show other entrepreneurs how to create more success for themselves, quickly. I have just recently opened my program to another 5 clients.

The good news is this is not nearly as difficult as one thinks to do this. I know we can take your company to the next level of consistent increasing volume & maximize profits. Use me as your trail guide to master the 7 powers (planning, operations, financial, staffing, sales, marketing & leadership), and create a business that runs a compete “system” & create more success with less stress.

I have a complete system, which means, no “flavor of the month” ideas and one tour guide so you can avoid the “Frankenstein effect” (too many ideas, and nothing meshes together)

Let’s start now and create your customized plan that suits your wants and needs, and make 2018 the best year of your business’s history.

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