Master our 7-power business system to create more success with less stress

Our program is called

Accelerated Power Business System

We’re helping to create leaders in their respective markets who are in command of the seven major areas that require their attention as a business owner: Leadership & Planning, Operations, Finance, Staffing, Sales and Marketing.  The good news is that our business system is not nearly as hard as one would think – all that’s required is a desire to succeed, a commitment to becoming organized and a willingness to follow our program.

We help you gain control of your entire organization

Ready to take your business growth to the next level with very little effort on your part? Then you’ve come to the right place. We take away all the stress of your day to day operation. Our simple systems, world class talent and implementation will lead you on a fast track to get to the level you desire. Creating less stress and more success to consistently growing your business month to month is Accelerated Consulting Groups specialty. Proven results, guaranteed.

Planning Power

This is the ability to set a goal and then confidently and consistently work on the right things, at the right time, in the right way to make that goal a reality. Planning Power will stabilize your situation and provide you with the structures and direction you need to leverage the six other powers. In this system, planning power should always be undertaken first. No Exceptions. If you don’t know where you’re going, you’re going to end up where you least expect to.

Operating Power

This critical power is undertaken second, no exceptions. Operating power is manifested through the creation of policies and procedures for every task, in every department of your company, and the implementation of systems that will enable the company to run systematically and automatically without you from day to day. By creating written documentation about what people need to know when they need to know it, you may even begin to look forward to sharing the knowledge that you used to keep to yourself because you know each thing you transfer to the page is one less thing you have to do yourself!

Sales Power

This is how each department plays a role in the pricing and profitability in order to focus on how each employee affects the selling process as well as about measuring the selling results and creating a reward system that rewards the right stuff. You’ll want to make sure you have financial power before you start sales coaching power, because one of the beautiful things about this system is that it is designed to reward people with the money they create! (and if they aren’t creating any money, we’ll tell you how you can deal with that as well)

Staffing Power

This comes from your commitment and constantly recruit people with the right attitude and develop them in-house, with continuous and comprehensive training. Staffing power also puts and end to awkward end of day “Got a Minute?” meetings with employees who want to ask you for a raise. Staffing power ensures everyone will know what the next level is, how much it pays, and exactly what they need to do to get there. When you have this power, you are helping existing staff get better and encouraging those who don’t want to play a better game to go work for your competitors!

Marketing Power

This ensures we are marketing in a way that will effectively reach our target audience. Those most likely to desire what we’re selling and who are more than willing to pay for out expertise and professionalism. In fact, marketing power is as much about demonstrating our professionalism at every juncture as it is about letting prospective customers know we are out there. Marketing power ensures that every encounter customers have with our company reinforces an image of professionalism, from our logos to our trucks, forms, business cards, uniforms, and shoe covers, and even how we greet the customer at the door.

Financial Power

This is expressed through a known financial position (KFP) and accurate selling prices that are driven by your budget, not the market. You also need to know the difference between tax accounting and the kind of accounting you do to make sure your business stays on track day to day. To achieve your goals, you need to take control of your financials and monitor them weekly. Yes, weekly. (We provide you with a fast budget and pricing model you can use to get your prices in the ballpark. Key word, ballpark, self study materials are excellent and will lead you through step by step)

Leadership Power

This is to set the goal, inspire a vision and take the actions to make it all a reality. To do that, you need everyone on the same page. The managers and owner need to be effectively working on the business, coaching those who need it and congratulating those who are achieving on their own. Leadership is about working on the right things, in the right order, and getting them implemented.

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We help you generate

Increased Profits

We have a one-of-a-kind program – there is nothing else this specific, this detailed, this systematic on the market and we give you a proven way to achieve your targets and grow your business. We’ll show you how much money can be made with willingness and being sure to work on the right things at the right time, in the right way, and streamlining processes and procedures and effectively implementing them in to the culture.

Proven Results – Guaranteed.

Successfully implementing the right systems and consistently growing your construction trade business month-to-month is Accelerated Consulting Groups’ specialty. Proven results guaranteed. Unlike other firms Accelerated Consulting Group works with a very small number of private clients at a time. We want to work exclusively with you to help you become the number one industry leader in your market.
Accelerated Consulting Group creates, manages, and leads the way for you to reach your targets and grow your cabinetry business, systematically scaling both business and profit. Creating less stress and more success!

Garold Gipman
Accelerated Consulting Group


On-site optimization

Return on your investment

Our services pay for themselves, literally. We won’t jump on board unless we’re convinced that our services add value to your overall goals by providing a tangible ROI month after month. There’s no guessing involved. We’re a team of cabinetry industry professionals who are relentlessly committed to improving your business and boosting your revenue. We’ll implement a number of proven best practices to improve your business and create less stress and more success and help you grow your business .

Solve the biggest challenge or problem,

provide the greatest chance to grow and be profitable

Employees holding you hostage is no longer an issue

Reducing re-work & deficiencies up to 80%

Stand out from the rest – your company is the best

Business is booming in a consistent & steady stream

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Meet Garold Gipman

Founder and CEO of Accelerated Consulting Group

Garold is an entrepreneur, leader and a business specialist. He works with some of the fastest growing companies in the cabinet business, getting massive results in one of the most competitive markets. He focuses on a consistent systematic approach and modern systems for his clients businesses and excels at implementation throughout the company.

In addition to running a successful cabinetry consulting business, he is a mentor who is passionate about helping people reach and exceed their personal and professional goals.

When he isn’t working, he is spending time with friends and family, reading, camping, snowboarding, collaborating with many amazing minds, running or volunteering at various basketball coaching workshops, and staying fit.

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